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The Indian Rock Vampire

Upside Down Heart

One Drug book cover
One Drug

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Payne County Weekly


Mile of Cars Murders
Mile of Cars Murders

Welcome to the mind of Joe Harwell

What do you think of those green eyes? Ahhh, now you’re beginning to figure what’s on my mind. Just like
the characters in my novels, I enjoy doing things my way. Take Michelle Sands in The Indian Rock Vampire
series. You know she always gets her way. And Craig Jackson really gets it done against the Chinese in the
futuristic thriller ONE DRUG out in the year 2052.

As an author and self publisher I have the luxury of doing things my way. It doesn’t make me more right or
wrong or more or less successful than any other author. I simply believe in the projects I create using my
imagination, heart, soul and life experiences. Then I use my decades of experience in sales and marketing to
bring them to you, my way.

Are you interested in writing or self publishing? GREAT!!! Go to the BIO page for more information.


"As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly." - Arthur Carlson, Station Manager, WKRP in Cincinnati